Gbogbo nipa F.99 manifesto


Ibi ọja ti o ni ipa fun aworan ati didara awujọ.

Nibo ni gbogbo rira aworan ti n ṣe ipa, ṣe agbega imo ati owo ti ṣe ayẹwo awọn alanu lati kakiri agbaye lati mọ ọjọ iwaju alagbero diẹ sii. 

Darapọ mọ aaye pinpin agbaye kan ti a ṣe igbẹhin si yiyi agbaye aworan pada lati jijẹ nipa owo si idojukọ lori ipa.

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Gbogbo wa kaabo si F.99

Kini ibi ọja ipa kan? 

Aaye tuntun kan ninu iṣẹ fun ẹda eniyan fun agbegbe ti awọn eniyan ti o nifẹ lati ṣẹda aworan ti o nilari ti o ni ipa si awọn ọran awujọ, iṣelu, ọrọ-aje ati ayika. 

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Key Partners

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Full Transparency. Strategic Leadership.

F.99 is open to working with partners and collaborators to support its vision and has worked with organizations from a multitude of industries who are aligned with our values and mission. To ensure our efforts benefit artists everywhere to make an impact through their artistic practice. Reach out to us if art, social good and creating dialogue with audiences across borders, sectors and generations is part of your ethos. Email to begin a partnership, sponsorship and/or collaboration with us.


Network of Artists


Countries Worldwide


Artworks in Collection


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Global Conversation 2020 1st Round

The first-ever global humanity-focused group art exhibition hosted by the United Nations UN75, F.99 and Ikono Space featuring emerging, professional and leading artists from around the world. Exhibition closed September 28th, 2020.



Crypto is(n't) Eco

‘Crypto is(n’t) Eco is an exhibition that encourages people to rethink value, existing monetary systems, constructs and paradigms through a guided auditory interview. Motivating viewers to think about the impact of our actions on society, the economy and the environment.

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Global Conversation 2020 2nd Round

The second round of global conversation touched on many themes around issues such as migration, deforestation, human rights, police brutality to mental health, animal rights. Exhibition closed December 15th, 2020. 


Arts Initiative


SANKOFA began as an idea between F.99 Founder Gilléad-Gaari Mziray and African Union Amb. H.E Hilda Suka-Mafudze to celebrate Black History Month uniting the continent of Africa with Black people of African descent in the diaspora around the world through ART and CONVERSATION. 

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Awọn ọrọ akiyesi


Iwaju : David Hockney's 'Aworan ti oṣere kan (Pool pẹlu Awọn eeya meji), 1972 ati Pada: Faith Ringgold American People Series #9 The American Dream, 1964.


Iwaju : olorin Siria Abdalla Al Omari 'Donald', 2016 ati Pada : Ana Maria Pacheco, 'Irin-ajo Gigun julọ I', 1987. 


Iwaju : Oṣere ara ilu Yukirenia Dariya Marchenko 'Oju Ogun' lati awọn ibon nlanla, 2015 ati Pada : Peter (eyiti a mọ tẹlẹ bi “Gordon”) / Nipasẹ Mathew Brady Studio, 1863.


Iwaju :   Iqbal Masih 'Child Akikanju Martyr,'  BLLF NFT titẹ sita gbigba , Back -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

ILERA opolo

Iwaju: Edvard Munch 'The Scream' 1893 ati Pada : Tracey Emin "Bed Mi" 1998.

OLOPA iwa ika

Iwaju :   olorin South Africa, Ayanda Mabulu 'A ko le simi', 2015 ati Pada : Jean-Michel Basquiat, 'La Hara', 1981._cc781905-195cde-35cde-35cde

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Ṣẹda Ti ara rẹ Ẹka

Back: The Raft by Armando Mariño, 2010. Race and Racism. Cuban Contemporary Art. Materials. automobile, polyester resin, performance.


And Visualization

We believe a key reason societies have failed to achieve progress overtime is not making public data useful to the public to gain knowledge of the issues we face. With knowledge comes responsibility and important information is all over the internet, right in front of us, often stored in databases or locked away behind paywalls and buried under jargon in academic papers. Therefore, this data visualization map is focused on producing free and open data as a resource for education that helps bring people to knowledge of the big problems we’re facing. 

Our map will be updated frequently, always accessible and understandable.


Highlighting notable global issues and charities helping to drive meaningful changes.

Feel free to share data with us as a community research fellow.

Community Research

Big data (BD) informs nearly every aspect of our lives and research therefore becomes a tool of empowerment. Every month we'll share contributions by people in the community that encourages and supports reflection on experiences and engagement with others to help us establish a knowledge base about communities facing issues unknown to the world. 

Join our community research team and share your insights.


Let us know - who you are?


What's happening in your community?


Raise money for an individual, project or charity that needs support.

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F.99 stands for FREE.99 which originally is street terminology for something that is free but of sum value. We took this word out of the street and gave it a more philosophical meaning. 

A meaning that now exists as the cost for freedom of expression.

Stay free with us.